May 2, 2021

AWS Training and certificate course,Free Online Certificate course

We should be know ,What’s benifts our in  life this course?

1) Advantage
2) About AWS Training and certificate course
3) salaries
4) opportunities
5) Benefits your

1) Advantage
•Credibility: Having a certification will not only increase your knowledge about the services but also increase your credibility. Acquiring credentials will open more doors of opportunities for you.

Help you get a job: If you’re a professional or a fresher the tag as “AWS Certified” will fetch you a lot of job opportunities in AWS-related projects.

Higher Pay: The AWS certification does not guarantee a higher pay but AWS is the highest paying certifications list in the US.

Improves skills: Having an AWS certification helps you to improve your skill set and reduce the risks when implementing an AWS project.

Helps you build the business: Employers look for AWS certified employees as they help in building a business. It is one of the criteria for higher tier memberships of AWS Partner Network

Huge benefits: Being a member of the AWS Partner Network helps you get training subsidies, AWS usage credit, market support,etc.

Some other benefits of AWS are listed below:

You will be in demand in the market: With AWS being the most highly rated certification nowadays, having a AWS certification will gain you a lot of demand in the IT market. Looking at AWS’s growth rate, a certification will fetch you new opportunities and increase your chances of getting hired.

Need for Skilled people: Amazon has grown big in the IT market, with it expanding its cloud services. More and more companies are moving to cloud and amazon provides highly secure and flexible cloud services.The need for many skilled people has increased and will keep on increasing. Having a certification will help you stand out of the crowd and you are sure to get huge benefits out of it.

Help you get a new level of expertise: New skills need to be developed in order to improve yourself and stay in loop with the latest technological advancements. AWS certification helps you gain this expertise. With most of the AWS certifications based on real time scenarios you need practice and knowledge to clear the exam. Passing the exam and having a certification certainly shows your expertise in the subject and helps you get more higher level certifications.

2)About AWS Training and certificate course.

•AWS provides certification from entry level to professional level based on your experience on cloud. the AWS certifications provided by AWS:

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: The AWS cloud practitioner is an entry level certification. It gives you an overview of the AWS cloud platform. This is an introductory exam for people with non tech background and who want to establish their career in AWS cloud. This exam is easy compared to other exams as this doesn’t require that much technical knowledge like other certifications do.

•WS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate: This is an associate level exam and it determines a candidates ability to demonstrate the knowledge of how to architect and deploy secure applications on AWS technologies. This is a medium level exam and this requires you to have hands-on experience on networking, compute, storage and database services.

AWS Certified Developer-Associate: This certification validates the candidates technical expertise and his efficiency in developing and maintaining the applications on AWS platform. This too is a medium level exam and it requires you to have an in-depth knowledge of at least one high-level programming language .

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator-Associate: This certification validates your technical expertise in deployment, operations and management on AWS platform. This is comparatively difficult to the previous associate level exams It requires you to have experience in provisioning, maintaining and operating systems running on AWS.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Professional: This exams validates the candidates advanced technical abilities and designing distributed applications on AWS platform. The professional level exam is a tough exam and it requires you to have 2-3 years of experience in designing and deploying cloud architecture. The candidate must have a AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate exam.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer-Professional: This is a very difficult exam which validates the candidates technical expertise in provisioning, operating and managing distributed applications on AWS platform. It requires the candidate to have a AWS Certified Developer-Associate or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator-Associate.

AWS Certified Big Data Specialty: This exam validates candidates ability to design an implement AWS services to derive value from data. This is the specialty level exam and requires more than 5 years of experience in data analytics field.

AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty: This in a difficult exam that validates the candidates ability to design an implement AWS and hybrid IT network architectures at scale. It requires a minimum 5 years of hands-on experience on implementing and architecting network solutions. You need to have the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner or AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate or AWS Certified Developer-Associate or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator-Associate.

AWS Certified Security Speciality: This exam validates the knowledge on how to secure the AWS platform by implementing logging, monitoring and infrastructure security.

3) Salaries

•The average salary for those holding the AWS Certified Developer – Associate certificate is $138,272, which ranks sixth in North America. To achieve this increasingly popular certification, candidates should have.

4) Opportunities

•I would like to say every body.its greatest opportunities in the world even in India.
Currently 500+plus job available in India,so if you want apply ,so LinkedIn is the fantastic and genuine platform to apply.

5) Benefits

• No registration fee.

• Unlimited free access to the course.

•  Opportunity to get lectures, videos, and audios of best professors.

• In order to prove your success, when you get eligible, you’ll get a free PDF Certificate of Achievement

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