May 6, 2021


Adelaide International Scholarship 2020-21 in Australia is now open for applications. University of Adelaide Scholarships for international students are available in all discipline areas. The University of Adelaide is a fully paid international scholarship and offers several Adelaide International Scholarships for outstanding international graduates from any country and to begin their education through a Masters or Doctorate degree by research.

The university offers a wide range of funding opportunities for both domestic and international candidates. If you are considering applying for a scholarship in one of the competitive rounds, it is important that you review eligibility criteria before submitting a request for supervision, or submitting an application. Opportunities are limited and competition is strong.

it is the third oldest university in Australia.The University of Adelaide is a public university located in Adelaide, South Australia. Established in 1874, . The University of Adelaide is one of the greatest universities in Australia. The greatest opportunity for international students to study in Australia on free scholarship.



  • Australia


  • University of Adelaide


  • Masters
  • PhD


  • The Australia scholarships 2020 are available in so many course.


  • Period of Master’s Scholarships: Up to 2 years for a Research Master degree course.
  • Period of the Doctoral Scholarships: Up to 3 years (with a possible 6-month extension) for a Doctor of Philosophy degree course.


The University of Adelaide Scholarship in Australia will paid the following expenses:

  • Complete Tuition Fee 
    • For Masters Degree up to 2 Years
    • Doctoral Degree up to 4 Years.
  • Medical Facility ( fully Paid sick leave).
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • Travel Allowance Airfare paid ($1000 travel from their home country to/from Adelaide.
  • Stipend: An Annual Living Allowance facility of AUD$28,092 (tax-free, 2020 value)
    • Up to 2 Years for a Research Masters degree
    • Up to 3 Years for a Research Doctorate Degree.
  • Submit  of the Thesis (e.g. Editing, Printing, Binding) Costs
    • AUD$840  For Doctoral students
    • AUD$420 for Masters by Research students.

If you want to more details of terms and benefits can be found in the Conditions of Award, download for click here (pdf file)    


1)Applicants must be international students who are accepted to start a Masters or Doctorate by a research degree at the University of Adelaide.
Citizens and permanent residents of Australia and citizens of New Zealand are ineligible.

2)Applicants who have applied for Australian permanent residency status but have not yet received a result can apply.

3)Successful students are required to apply and enroll in their intended program of study as  international students at the University of Adelaide to maintain their scholarship.

4)Applicants are required to provide proof of meeting the minimum English language proficiency requirements of the University of Adelaide for direct entry by the application deadline.

5)Applicants with merit in progress will not be eligible for consideration until the qualification has been satisfactorily completed (and the admissible evidence provided), or proof of withdrawal has been provided.

6)Applicants are required to successfully complete at least the equivalent of a first class Australian Honors degree. (An Honors degree in Australia is typically a one-year qualification taken after a bachelor’s degree and includes further study in a particular discipline area. In some areas, the Honors four-year bachelor’s degree is the final year. Available as part.) Is recognized as a prestigious qualification that further develops research, writing and organizational skills.

7)It also shows the ability to conduct high-level studies. Getting a first class Honors degree indicates that the recipient has performed at the highest academic level and indicates that they. Was an introduction to independent research.)

8)International applicants must have a research qualification equivalent to an Australian Research Doctorate degree by the University of Adelaide or, if one is pursuing a research Masters degree, a research qualification or higher to be considered by the University of Adelaide. An Australian Research Masters Degree.

9)The successful recipient must begin study at the University of Adelaide in the semester a scholarship is offered. It is not possible to postpone the award.

10)International applicants are not eligible if they have already started the degree for which they are seeking awards.

11)The scholarship offer is contingent on a student not being given        another award by the Commonwealth of Australia, the University of Adelaide, or a foreign sponsor. The University reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship offer at any time prior to enrollment if it is advised that an awardee has been awarded a scholarship equal to or greater than the financial value of the award given by the university.

Note: If the applicant has previously been awarded an international higher degree by a research scholarship by the University of Adelaide, and has failed to successfully complete the corresponding academic program, then that applicant is awarded a research scholarship of any future international higher degree. Will not be reconsidered for.


General Round 2021: Applications proces open 14 January 2020

1)In mid-October 2020, applicants will be notified of the result of their scholarship application.
2)The recipient must begin their research program in semester 1, 2021 (between 1 January 2021 and 30 June 2021).
3)Applicants are expected to start studying as soon as possible in the approved semester.
4)It is not possible to postpone the award.


The last date to apply  process for the Adelaide International Scholarships in Australia is 10th July 2020.

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