May 6, 2021


The Rhodes Global Scholarship 2020 in the United Kingdom. The Rhodes Scholarship is the oldest (established 1903) international scholarship program in the world, and one of the most prestigious. Administered by the Rhodes Trust in Oxford, the program offers 100 fully Paid scholarships each year for postgraduate study at Oxford University in the United Kingdom – one of the world’s leading universities

The selection team for the Rhodes Global Scholarship is looking for outstanding youngster leaders.
Who are motivated to engage with global challenges and promote international understanding
And peace. In short, the selection committee seeks young people of excellent intelligence, character,
Leadership, commitment to leadership and service, and which shows a strong tendency
‘Leader for the future of the world’

Rhodes Trust warmly welcomes applications from talented youth of various backgrounds. Rhodes Scholars are selected without regard to gender, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, color, religion, social background, race, or disability.

The vision of the Rhodes Trust is to identify and improve leaders to achieve public good. Since its inception in 1903, the Rhodes Scholarship has done so with remarkable success.
The scholarship is administered by the Rhodes Trust, Oxford, United Kingdom. So far, scholarship
Honored in 20 Rhodes constituencies (representing more than 60 different countries)
world. In 2019, 100 Roads Scholarships will be on offer, and two new Global Scholarships will be allowed
Eligible candidates from the rest of the world are to be nominated by their university.



  • United Kingdom


  • University of Oxford


  • Rhodes Trust


  • Post Graduate Courses



  • 100 fully-Paid Scholarships every year for postgraduate study at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.


>The Rhodes Scholarship includes all university and college fees, an individual stipend and an economy class airfare at Oxford at the start of the scholarship, as well as an economy flight to the student’s home country at the conclusion of the scholarship.

>The basic tenure of the scholarship is two years, subject always and at all times, to satisfactory academic performance and personal conduct.



The following eligibility criteria apply to all applicants to the University of Oxford Scholarship:

>Nationality : Eligibility for another Rhodes Scholarship makes you ineligible to apply for a Global Scholarship, ie if you are eligible to apply through any of the existing Rhodes Statutes.
(, you have to apply there. Please also see more online information about the inter-jurisdictional idea below – it may be in your interest to pursue that path rather than applying for a Global Scholarship, the most offered by the Rhodes Trust There will be a competitive scholarship.
>Age: You must have reached your 19th position and would not have celebrated your 25th birthday on 1 October 2020, meaning that you would have been born after 30 September 1995 and on or before 1 October 2001.
>Educational Achievement: You have completed (or must have completed by June / July 2020) a bachelor’s degree first class or a minimum GPA of 3.70 out of a minimum of 4.0 (or equivalent). Please pay attention to the requirements of your chosen course at Oxford, which may still be higher. Successful candidates usually feature within the top few ranks of their graduate classes.
>English language: You must have a sufficiently high standard of English to meet Oxford University’s English high proficiency requirements (listed at a higher level).


You have to submit a filled application form online along with copies of the documents and information given below. All documents must be submitted in English, or with English translations. Please note, if you are invited for an interview, you may be asked to bring the origin of all documents with you:

1)You must upload copies of official documents to further your geographical background and prove that you meet the age requirements. Birth certificate, National Registration Card (NRC), Passport, etc

2)Showing the grade (date) of the college or university you are studying in, or those you are studying.

3)Evidence of English language proficiency (see eligibility criteria above). You should upload a copy of a standardized English test that is accredited by the University of Oxford (eg TOEFL / IELTS) with a test marking scheme. Alternatively, you can upload a letter requesting a waiver for this requirement if you meet Oxford University’s criteria for a waiver: www.

4)You will not be able to submit your application without submitting nomination. for more information. Please note that the eligibility check is also included in the application form. When you have completed the form, you should tick the box on the ‘ig request eligibility check’ page and the team member at Rhodes House will assess your eligibility for the Global Scholarship and accept or reject the request. You cannot submit your application without approval from Rhodes House.

5)A complete curriculum vitae which should include details about academic qualifications, awards, scholarships, leadership positions, employment positions, participation in the student, voluntary, community or political activities and any cultural, musical or sporting achievements. Please do not include a photo in your CV.

6)A head-and-shoulders color photograph (jpg format). Please note that your photo will not be available to the selection committee until the final shortlisting decision is made. If you are selected, this photo will be used on the Rhodes webpage until you provide another version.
7)A personal statement of more than 1,000 words.

8)You must provide a list of five people (your referees) who are willing to submit a reference on your behalf.


1)You will not be able to submit your application for a global scholarship without prior enrollment by your university. Each university has a limited number of enrollments that they can do each year. You have to register the most suitable nominee through the application form. Once their nomination is received, you will be allowed to submit your form.

2)You can apply online from 01 June 2019 through the Scholarships tab at
By 23:59 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), 31 July 2019,you will have to submit your application online along with all supporting documents.

3)In preparation for making your application, you should carefully read the general information, especially on the Scholarships tab, on the Rhodes website, the terms of tenure for the Rhodes Scholarship, the information in this document and the university’s graduate admissions page. Of Oxford: undergraduate.

4)Candidates with a long list may be invited to attend the preliminary interview via Skype.

5)Shortlisted candidates will be invited for social engagement (reception and dinner) and a final interview. Both of you must be available to attend, as no accommodation at these events can be made on date and time or mode. Interviews will be held in November at Rhodes House, Oxford, UK. No candidate will be selected without interview. Administrators of the Rhodes Global Scholarship for scholarships invited for final interviews and for candidates living outside the United Kingdom may apply to travel from their country of origin for financial assistance, provided that the trip is funded by their university or another sponsorship source Can not be nurtured .

6)All applicants will be emailed with the result of their application.


1)Selection for the Rhodes Scholarship is made regardless of financial means.

2)Selection for the Rhodes Scholarship is made without regard to marital status, race, ethnic origin, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, social background, disability, race, or other irrelevant differences. The provision of such information in the rea outreach ‘section of the application form is optional, but helps us ensure that our selection process is fair and our outreach efforts are effective;

3)Those involved in the selection will only see summary statistics for these responses in an anonymous format, which cannot be sent back to an individual.

4)You are applying for a Rhodes Scholarship for admission to the University of Oxford in October 2020; The scholarship cannot be postponed.The Rhodes Scholarship is confirmed only after successful admission to the University of Oxford.

5)If sufficiently qualified candidate is not found, no selection will be made.

6)The decision of the selection committee is final.


For Roads Global Scholarship, you have to submit your application online along with all supporting documents by 23:59 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), 31 July 2019.

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